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Your Low Vision Optometrist in San Diego, California

When your medical eye doctor says, “nothing more can be done,” contact a low vision optometrist. Peter E DeGraziano, OD, PC is one of over 40 optometrist practices in North America that has helped thousands of low vision patients live independently, fulfilling lives after others told them it wouldn’t be possible.
Thanks to the doctor’s knowledge, dedication, and experience, patients can do what they enjoy: drive, read, work, play, cook, or recognize people’s faces.
Call for a personal consultation and find out if you are a candidate for low vision glasses.

Dr. Peter DeGraziano, OD, FAAO, FIALVS

Dr. Peter DeGraziano, OD, FAAO, FIALVS

Dr. Peter DeGraziano, OD, FAAO, FIALVS, is an optometrist whose practice is focused on Low Vision eye care. Through the use of specialized custom eyeglasses and devices, Dr. DeGraziano helps Low Vision patients enjoy activities which have become difficult or impossible because of sight-limiting diseases (such as driving, reading, and seeing faces of loved ones).

A Fellow of both the International Academy of Low Vision and the American Academy of Optometry, Dr. DeGraziano is actively involved in lecturing and educating optometrists through COPE-approved courses and training programs, with a goal of improving patient access to high-quality low vision care nationwide. Additionally, Dr. DeGraziano also serves as a director of program development for a national charitable organization. Driven by a passion for innovation, Dr. DeGraziano has developed multiple low vision devices and continues to pursue advancements in visual aid technology to better serve his patients.

Dr. DeGraziano brings over 23 years of dedicated experience in vision care to his practice. He is committed to providing effective solutions tailored toward regaining/improving functionality and independence.

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What is a Low Vision Optometrist?

Our goal is for you to reclaim the ability to carry out tasks that are important to you. Such an activity could be driving a car, reading the paper, recognizing faces, watching TV, playing cards or board games, cooking, and anything that matters in your life.
As a member of the International Academy of Low Vision Specialists (IALVS) – a network of low vision optometrists – Dr. Peter DeGraziano, OD, FAAO, FIALVS intensively studied low vision care. We are committed to maximizing our patient’s vision and help them live their best lives.

Our Patients Say it Best

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Causes That Lead to Low Vision

Low vision is an eye condition that cannot be corrected with conventional eyeglasses or contact lenses. Its causes are usually due to injury, disease, or genetics and include:

Serving patients in San Diego, Santee, Encinitas, Oceanside, and throughout California.

  • Macular Degeneration: Wet or Dry
  • Juvenile Macular Degeneration (i.e., Stargardt’s disease, Best disease, etc.)
  • Diabetic Retinopathy – a complication of diabetes affecting eyesight
  • Retinitis Pigmentosa – leads to contraction of the visual field
  • Glaucoma – damage to the optical nerve due to inner eye pressure
  • Cataracts – a clouding of the eye lens
  • Hemianopsia – the loss of part of the visual field
  • Albinism – the lack of pigments in the back of the eye
  • Other Vision-Limiting Conditions
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Genuine care and hands-on advice are our primary ingredients ensuring complete low vision services. Talk to our low vision expert in San Diego about your concerns, and we will help optimize your surroundings to accommodate your visual needs better. As an example, improved lighting makes a significant difference for many eye conditions.


The advantage of glasses is that they allow you to be mobile and use your hands freely. Many patients have kept their driver's license and independence thanks to bioptic telescope glasses, E-Scoop glasses, or side-vision awareness glasses. Theater lovers can benefit from full-diameter telescope glasses to enjoy performances. Prismatic glasses are primarily used for reading.

These are only a few of the many low vision glasses available for low vision patients. Dr. Peter DeGraziano, OD, FAAO, FIALVS will help you to find the best solution for you.


Magnification is key for optimizing vision. Closed-circuit television (CCTV), video magnifiers are available as hand-held devices or as a stand-mounted version. You can install special software to enhance contrast and colors on your computer screen. Other software can increase the font size to whatever is comfortable for you.

Advanced equipment utilizes virtual reality, image processing algorithms, or audio feedback to assist with almost any task you want to accomplish. Go for it!

Dr Peter DeGraziano, OD

We have offices throughout San Diego County, California. Call for the location nearest you.

Call for a FREE TELEPHONE CONULTATION with Low Vision Train Optometrist, Dr. Peter E. DeGraziano, OD, to discuss your case and determine if you are a candidate for Low Vision Services.

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