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Nice to Have Someone Help


It is nice to have someone helping you get your life back! I am not ready to give up my life to low vision, and Dr. DeGraziano is a great add to my fight!

- Rosana E. - Google Review

Extensive Knowledge and Resources


Dr. DeGraziano was very helpful in helping me determine what aides I need to see distances and close up. He has extensive knowledge and resources to aid low vision people.

- Helen H. - Google Review

Tremendous Service


Dr. DeGraziano has provided a tremendous service by designing a magnifying lens for a severely impaired disabled person. This included glasses as well as Iris vision devise which were helpful. The glasses were designed with high magnification. Soon he hopes to have the same prescription for sunglasses. Contact with Dr. DeGraziano has given great hope for future vision hope for the future.

- Patty B. - Google Review

The Consummate Professional

I developed age-related macular degeneration more than 20 years ago and was referenced to Dr. Peter DeGraziano, OD, FIALVS by my attending retinal specialist. Dr DeGraziano is one of the very few certified low vision specialists in the U.S. and the consummate professional. He understands the frustration of failing eyesight and provides access to a full line of vision aids, with compassionate personal interaction. I have found him to be extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of vision issues and a great source of information. I heartily suggest that any one having eye associated vision loss consult with Dr. DeGraziano for help.

- J.T. - 8/18/2020

He was patient – and kept his sense of humor.


I am a 95 year old woman who has seen a lot of doctors in my time. But since the insurance companies began controlling medical visits, 15 minutes seems to be the limit a doctor could give one [patient]. Doctor DeGraziano gave me two, 2 hour visits. He listened to my complaints, and desperately tried to solve them. He is the best [eye doctor] I have ever seen! He was patient – and kept his sense of humor.

- B.R. - 10/8/2020

Patient, efficient, knowledgeable and friendly


Helpful with husband's vision loss. Spent a lot of time getting him the proper lens to help him see better and improve his quality of life. Glad there is someone who is doing this, otherwise his lack of vision has been very distressing for him. Dr. DeGraziano was patient, efficient, knowledgeable and friendly.

- La La M.

Very grateful


Dr. DeGraziano helped me with my low vision problem in an amazing way. He was professional, kind, and patient. I am very grateful and feel very blessed by having met him.

- Monika M.

Exceptional eye doctor!


Great experience! Dr. DeGraziano is an exceptional eye doctor! He is extremely professional and knowledgeable yet he makes his patients feel at ease and comfortable. Answers all your questions and concerns no matter how small. I highly recommend him!

- Susan G.

Highly recommend Dr. DeGraziano and low-vision glasses


I have moderate AMD and recently purchased two pairs of low-vision glasses from Dr. DeGraziano: close-up (viewer/readers) and distance (driving) glasses.

The close-up glasses are very easy to use. Dr. DeGraziano set them at a TV-viewing focus. I enjoy watching old movies that can be somewhat blurry, and the glasses correct the blurriness in my own vision so I can concentrate on the movie. I also find it easier to read words on news shows and ads instantly without having to “rewind” the TV show.

The close-up glasses also have monocular caps with added magnification for computer use and reading tiny print such as on medication bottles. The caps are easy to put on and take off.

The distance glasses are fantastic. They have given me confidence in driving and even as a passenger to see more clearly. I have some central vision loss, and these glasses minimize that condition.

There is a learning curve to the distance glasses, as there are general viewing lenses and small “telescope” magnifiers on top to see small things like street signs and signal lights under poor light conditions. It takes a bit of practice to focus in with the magnifiers (especially while moving), but it is worth the effort.

Dr. DeGraziano also outfitted the glasses with a bifocal lens set to an instrument panel focus, and yellow glare-reducing tint so sunglasses are not necessary.

Admittedly, the cost of the glasses was more than I had planned to invest, but the investment is worthwhile. These glasses are unique in their ability to focus my vision in a way I thought was becoming impossible, and have reduced the frustration I have had dealing with my AMD. I would highly recommend these glasses.

- Lisa B. - Google Review - March 2021

Strong commitment to helping patients


Dr. De Graziano has made a world a difference in the quality of life for my 94 yr. old mother, suffering from macular degeneration. She is now able to watch tv, see her computer and read! He is a wonderful doctor with incredibly knowledge and strong commitment to helping his patients. His patience is amazing! I would highly recommend him! His personalized service is so refreshing! Thank you for changing my mother's life.

- Audrey M. - Google Review - Feb 2021
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