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Highly recommend Dr. DeGraziano and low-vision glasses

I have moderate AMD and recently purchased two pairs of low-vision glasses from Dr. DeGraziano: close-up (viewer/readers) and distance (driving) glasses.

The close-up glasses are very easy to use. Dr. DeGraziano set them at a TV-viewing focus. I enjoy watching old movies that can be somewhat blurry, and the glasses correct the blurriness in my own vision so I can concentrate on the movie. I also find it easier to read words on news shows and ads instantly without having to “rewind” the TV show.

The close-up glasses also have monocular caps with added magnification for computer use and reading tiny print such as on medication bottles. The caps are easy to put on and take off.

The distance glasses are fantastic. They have given me confidence in driving and even as a passenger to see more clearly. I have some central vision loss, and these glasses minimize that condition.

There is a learning curve to the distance glasses, as there are general viewing lenses and small “telescope” magnifiers on top to see small things like street signs and signal lights under poor light conditions. It takes a bit of practice to focus in with the magnifiers (especially while moving), but it is worth the effort.

Dr. DeGraziano also outfitted the glasses with a bifocal lens set to an instrument panel focus, and yellow glare-reducing tint so sunglasses are not necessary.

Admittedly, the cost of the glasses was more than I had planned to invest, but the investment is worthwhile. These glasses are unique in their ability to focus my vision in a way I thought was becoming impossible, and have reduced the frustration I have had dealing with my AMD. I would highly recommend these glasses.

- Lisa B. - Google Review - March 2021
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